Revisited from September 1, 2013. Sunday strolls to Satsuma with my three precious pups followed by tons of licks. Lizzie, Copper and George were like the three amigo’s that went everywhere with me. Since then, Mr. Cooper has past away due to an illness and was a very special Cavalier. Today, Lizzie spends her days at my retail store, Relish located on Metairie Road. George spends his days at our Firestone office which is more like a boys club with his doggie friends, Shadow and Cecil.

It may not be officially fall quite yet, but a break in the humidity and LSU’s opener W over TCU last night have us feeling pretty excited about starting September off right. As summer fades into autumn, I love to watch the neighborhood come alive again as my neighbors and I emerge from the frozen tundra of our AC-fortified homes to enjoy the beautiful weather.

No one on Plum Street loves the seasonal transition more than our beloved King Charles Cavaliers. Early this morning, Beth and I walked Mr. Cooper, Lizzie and George down the block to our favorite neighborhood spot, Satsuma Cafe. Even if we didn’t live in the neighborhood, Satsuma’s fresh ingredients and organic approach have the Harris family hooked as devoted regulars, and none more so than our crazy canines. It’s not a Sunday morning unless we’ve strolled our twelve legs across the street for three bones. Satsuma Cafe specializes in handmade dog treats, and let me tell you – Mr. Cooper, Lizzie and George know that leftovers are not allowed because their Peanut Butter and Bacon Dog Treats look good enough for their hungry owners to sneak a bite!

The five of us made quite the group this morning as our adorable King Charles Cavalier clique chomped away at their tasty treats while Beth and I enjoyed our own breakfast. The “Twelve Legs,” as we like to call them, love the attention of passersby – especially families with children. “Mommy, look at the pretty puppies!” “Can I pet him?” “Can I borrow one? I promise I’ll bring her back!”

When crazy Lizzie starts the Licking Reign of Terror on some innocent toddlers, it’s time to head back home. Happy first of September,  another successful Sunday morning in the books.

If you’d like to meet our four legged furry friends, you can visit with Beth at Relish New Orleans Monday to Saturday from 10a to 6p or catch her at Satsuma on Maple Street on Sunday mornings with Lizzie.

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